SingleMaltTeapot is the home, never ending story and ongoing adventure of my attempts to fashion the world around me into as joyous and creative a place as possible, the experiments along the way, the mishaps and the successes.

It is a journey inspired by craft filled heads, amazing cooks, home stylists, creative visionaries, intrepid explorers and gifted makers. Which is all rather intimidating, a canyon of cool away from a rather nerdy, cake loving introvert.

8 months ago, after a few days worming turkeys and feeding pigs, after picking up an axe for the first time I started to think that canyon was pretty much my own doing and that it was probably about time I started filling the thing in. There was something natural in the swing of the axe, in running around a rain soaked field chasing a disobedient pig. I wasn't a creative visionary all of a sudden but I was aware that crafting that life might just be a case of choosing it each day.

SingleMaltTeapot is that choice....mostly.

It is food DIY, woodcraft and photo taking. It is imminently a leap into the unknown hills (literally) of the countryside. It is also knowing that some days the choice is a never ending pot of tea (and some cake too if possible) because the world has it's evil eyes on today. It is a stumbling, silly, nerdy, sometimes nervous but mostly merry collection of endeavours and creative exploits that I hope help others in their own journey to fashion their own joyous worlds.