Sowing Seeds - June 4 2020

I've been telling myself for longer than I care to think about that I wanted to write some kind of journal like blog and finally I seem to be putting my finger tips to my keyboard in making that happen. This starting point fittingly comes with new seeds popping up in the garden, one of the main things I feel I want to ramble about though with the back drop of a global pandemic and huge civil unrest in the U.S amidst the injustice of George Floyd. 

It seems a little trifling in among all this to be talking about my beetroot poking it's head above ground and sheer privilege that I am able to. I don't have the knowledge at the moment to comment fully but let's be super upfront at this moment. I fully, FULLY support the BlackLivesMatter movement, oh gosh, it matters so much and now is the time to advocate and amplify PoC. For my part I have so much more to learn, if you are like me, here is a good place to start - Anti-Racism Resources

That link will take you through to a lengthy list of resources to help educate white folk like me who have never had to touch the systemic racism faced by PoC, I implore you to take a look, to learn and to grow, it matters.

So to things a million miles from all that, close to home because for quite a while it's about as far as I have been able to go. Covid-19 has led to something unprecedented in so much of the world, lockdowns and stay at home orders. And I am far from the only person finding their way to the earth in all this, the difficulty in getting hold of compost is testament to that. It feels like there has been some sighing from the gatekeepers about this, that suddenly everyone is one a band wagon but honestly isn't it lovely that when caught in all this that so many people have wanted to grow and bake and sustain. That's something we have been reminded of and I think that's kinda fantastic, I think it's something people will be able to hold onto as we are making our way back to the wider world. Should it need to be said, this journal, this space, is one of positivity where I'll always encourage and lift, if your reaction in all this is 'well I was making a sourdough starter before all this' rather than 'awesome, we should trade sourdough blob babies' then this might not be the read for you.

Despite the title to this first post I'm gonna skip to something that isn't actually a seed, though it was and was the first little green that had me getting up in the morning and greeting my seed babies in the living room window. That little cluster over there are 'Blue Lake' climbing green beans.