Easter Hike - Talybont Reservoir

In between the deluges of rain spring is taking a stronger hold on the hills and in the gardens. Blossom is appearing here and there, the sunlight conveys that little extra warmth and I've seen my first queen bee of the year.

I spoke briefly with Ruth Allen on instagram (@BlueEggsAndTea I wholly advise checking her feed out) about the sinister nature of large bodies of water a day or so ago. The reservoir was not the largest ever but the weather had it churning and chopping, walled in by the hills and a swiftly more foreboding sky. Certainly it seemed to loom below and whisper 'Just try me.'. That it can be so intimidating in no way diminishes it's beauty, both primal and serene.

Lambing season is in full swing and the fields are full of little scampering lambs still a touch unsteady on their feet and the air filled with bleating an octave or two higher than the rest of the flock. And they are of course so undeniably cute.