On Baby Sheeps

I've returned to the hills to find lambs accompanying just about every mama in the fields. Walks takes that little bit longer now, I can't help but stop to lean on gates and watch them scampering around, overly long tails wagging like crazy as they run to mum.

The house is also springing into life, 5 jackdaws are nesting above the front door and a pair of sparrows over the back. Scrabbler continues to scurry through the walls at night, yet to make a visible appearance while the house martins have arrived and seem to be making a nest in the eave of the roof. I'm far more excited by all this than perhaps I should be but I rather hope a few more critters come join us around the place.

Generally our footsteps are met with wary eyes of defensive mama sheep, picking a spot just far enough away to stand and stare making sure their babies are safe. The odd bunch though assumes I'm the farmer I think and bleat loudly expecting food.