Making New Friends

The immediate landscape around the cottage consists of three hills (hill certainly doesn't do one of them justice) and Llangorse lake to north. Path's intertwine through them and we are gradually exploring the walks we can make from our doorstep. To the south is Buckland Hill, a comfortable climb and home to this lovely lot.

There are of course still plenty of lambs scampering around adorably, darting across the fields when they lose sight of mum. The odd scamper not beyond us either, the weather more than willing to change heart in a couple of minutes and drop hail and indeed snow on occasion. Which of course it did, it's a temperamental season is spring....I can think of far worse places to watch it all from though.

They are a friendly bunch, curious and clearly used to treats emerging from pockets. Treats we didn't have, though a scratch behind the ears seemed acceptable and failing that a good go at eating the buttons off my coat would suffice. Around them swooped Swallows, catching their breakfast in the morning air. It's a sight I have always adored but not seen for years and I could quite happily watch them for hours, amazed at the sudden turns they can make mid air.