HandmadeHour Round Up - June 29th

From dinosaurs that grow into plants to gorgeous ceramics through origami flowers, handmade hour as ever was a flood of talent and loveliness. It's time then to take a bit of a gander at some of the crafty awesome to catch my eye from last nights #handmadehour.

I'm setting up for a little challenge next weeks during #handmadehour as part of their new initiative to #makeitlive. I'll be streaming over on Facebook a live handmadehour spoon carve, seeing if I can go from blank to spoon in 2 hours. Handmadehour is run by @HMNation from 7:30-9:30pm GMT every Wednesday and 8-9pm GMT every Sunday and is a wonderful chance to see some amazingly talented makers and their creations. 

Amanda Banham Ceramics

Amanda's ceramics range from the wonderfully rustic designs to the right to pieces playfully decaled with her own illustrations that all look really rather stunning and are born from a love of practical creation.

You'll find Amanda at a bunch of fairs over the coming months, laden with her work, created in a small studio in the oh so pretty Saffron Walden.



The Square Penguin

You had me at Bipperty Bopperty Hat but there are badges and chortles galore being provided by The Square Penguin. All sorts of references and causes can be found in joyous badge form and just browsing through will raise a smile but I heartily advise grabbing a few to pay that giggle forward.



Farah Shah

Farah is a proffesional illustrator creating original design, prints and linocuts but it was her jewellery and in particular this collar clip that I fell in love with. 

Tucked away in her farmhouse with a tabby cat and her dog she creates wonders for your wall and the sort of adornment every top buttoned shirt dreams of, oh so cool.


OoLaLa Designs

There's a whole lot more going on over at OoLaLa than this dino card but this is such an awesome idea (and stegosaurus is the coolest dinosaur) that it had to be my pick from their wonders.....this card grows!! Each card contains seeds in the paper that once planted will grow into a gorgeous flower in the ultimate going green.

Everything else by these folk is driven by some serious playfulness and a passion for sustainability and ethics, there really is a lot to love about them.



InnaBox Design

I was immediately taken by Nikky's super cute work and raving about origami pugs before getting the chance to shoot a little more of her work while chomping jelly beans that may or may not have been provided as a prop (cherry all the way).

Full of colour and wonderfully cheerful there's a real joy to the designs thought up and created in her East London studio. There's all sorts to explore over on her store that'll certainly brighten your day.

InnaBox Designs Store


Studio Lumio

I really adore stumbling across something I've not seen before that is doing things a little differently, Studio Lumio's origami creations are just that, particularly those amazing bouquets.

There are all sorts of exquisitely folded creations to explore, each retaining that wonderful aesthetic that comes from origami and there's something  lovely in seeing the forms that can be made from folded paper.


Know a great maker? Have a craft you want to show off? It's lovely to hear your thoughts and see what you're up to, drop a comment below or use #MyTeapotMoment on instagram.

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