#HandmadeHour - Wednesday Wonders

Each week the wonderful folk over at Handmade Nation bring together makers and creators from across the UK for their #HandmadeHour twitter get togethers. Every Wednesday and Sunday evening as well as Friday lunchtimes you'll find some insanely talented folks showing their work and enthusing over the creations of others. The skills on show seem to get stronger every week, here are a few of the makers to really catch my eye from Wednesday evenings twitterage.

Mhairi-Stella meanwhile tunes straight into that part of me that is always struck by genre cross overs...that and beautiful illustration of course. Take a stroll through her etsy store and you'll find elements of folklore, mysticism and science mingling together in stunningly crisp line pieces of art. There is a strong tattoo influenced style to many of the pieces and if (quite understandably) they leave you inspired you can also have a something custom designed all ready to be inked.

Lastly is the creator of some of the most stunning chef's knives I have ever laid my eyes on, Will Ferraby. As a spoon carver it's hard not to get a little geeky over a beautiful knife and though these work their magic in the kitchen the design and craft on show here is simply jaw dropping. From the glint of the polished Sheffield steal to the lines of wood grain and resin that swirl through the handles I am really rather in awe of Will's work and might just switch to cooking things full time should I ever get my hands on one of his creations.

I am, admittedly a bit of a sucker when it comes to geometrically designed work, take a wander around the cottage and you'll find everything from coasters to plant containers and illustrations (as well as at least one experimental spoon carve) that are built from strong, beautiful lines. Belle Accessoires jewellery pieces are no different and are giving me heart eyes even more with soft pastel colours and splashed of bold metallics, in short, Barbara's designs are nothing short of dreamy.

 Mhairi-Stella -  @mhairi_stella

Mhairi-Stella - @mhairi_stella

Are you a maker? Simply a fan of beautifully hand crafted items? Come along to #handmadehour and say hi, it's one of the friendliest communities around and just choc full of talent. You can find HandmadeHour doing it's thing on twitter every Wednesday 7:30 - 9:30pm GMT, on Sundays 8-9pm GMT and as #HHLunch on a Friday lunchtime between 12:30 and 1pm GMT.